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D.Proof LLC is owned and operated by Jonathan Davis, providing low voltage installation and Maintenance service work in Michigan for over 20 years. Our company specializes in commercial and residential service throughout Michigan, including but not limited to: Smart Home system, Design, Integration, Installation, and Service of surveillance systems, GPS Tracking system, and Lighting installation.


We also Provide Handyman services. If you need a task completed in a timely fashion. By choosing D.PROOF LLC handyman professional with years of experience, you will be able to have major or minor home repairs fixed quickly and efficiently. Once your project is complete, we provide training and on-call support on all electrical installed systems. 


 As a business owner, I believe in Providing exceptional experience for every project, no matter how big or small. At D.Proof LLC our goal is to earn the trust, respect, and confidence of all our customers. We also strive to ensure that our employees and technicians are at the forefront of the newest low voltage technological advances. At D.Proof LLC, we pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation for excellent customer service, top quality installation/service, and very competitive rates

At D.Proof ,LLC  we’re passionate about our service. We know that our customers  depend on us completely to safeguard their vehicle.  D.Proof ,LLC is a family run business and our company mission is to deliver extraordinary  quality product at a competitive price while ensuring customer satisfaction and needs are achieved. That’s why every installation or maintenance  contract we undertake is personally overseen by our owner to ensure we consistently deliver the highest professional standards.

We Sell Only The Best Brands

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